Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Working with our first company- MISSY EMPIRE!

Finally a blog post with all three of us in! How exciting!
This week we got approached by MISSY EMPIRE to style a few of their new arrivals which was amazing considering we have only just started! We put together a few MISSY EMPIRE pieces in this blog post to show you some of the items we blogged for them (the rest is on our Instagram (@cairnstripletsblog), we also did some of our own outfits as we always get carried away when blogging and love to take as many photos as we can in one day haha.
Myself (Natalie) I used to blog myself three years ago for many online companies then I went to Australia and never continued my blog as I never had the time over there so I'm really excited to be doing this again with my sisters this time!
I've always loved writing and putting outfits together!
Our aim is to inspire other girls to be creative and to have fun with fashion!
Hope you like the photos- we have linked everything below! :)

To be Sisters, Triplets and Best Friends.. is the best gift possible!


Always really excited to get comments from you guys! :)

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