Thursday, 30 March 2017

Corporate world meets the Fashion World

Feeling the love for QUIZ clothing this week! We love collaborating with companies we have seen all over Instagram for years!
This week we went for more of a formal smart approach with blogging with a fashion twist!
With an all in one jumpsuit, mesh skirt and flared trousers.. we wanted to bring the corporate world into fashion! (as it can be very dull!)
When we used to work for companies and have to go out after work for drinks to socialize, We never knew what to wear but to also look professional.. so this is what this blog post is all about and to hopefully give you some Inspiration for your next 'after work' drinks!
Being the same age and doing everything together, we have our own styles and this is what's so good about blogging! Bringing out our own personal look and being different!

Who said you have to look boring when around work colleagues.. sass that look up and also be comfy in your own skin!

You can get these items from (click on link):

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Working with our first company- MISSY EMPIRE!

Finally a blog post with all three of us in! How exciting!
This week we got approached by MISSY EMPIRE to style a few of their new arrivals which was amazing considering we have only just started! We put together a few MISSY EMPIRE pieces in this blog post to show you some of the items we blogged for them (the rest is on our Instagram (@cairnstripletsblog), we also did some of our own outfits as we always get carried away when blogging and love to take as many photos as we can in one day haha.
Myself (Natalie) I used to blog myself three years ago for many online companies then I went to Australia and never continued my blog as I never had the time over there so I'm really excited to be doing this again with my sisters this time!
I've always loved writing and putting outfits together!
Our aim is to inspire other girls to be creative and to have fun with fashion!
Hope you like the photos- we have linked everything below! :)

To be Sisters, Triplets and Best Friends.. is the best gift possible!


Always really excited to get comments from you guys! :)

Monday, 20 March 2017

Kardashian Inspired

Oh Myyyyyy Gawdddd.. Like this has to be one of my favourite looks of 2017 that I have created on my blog.
Denim is a must in the spring/summer!
I wanted to create a Kardashian feel to this outfit as I've seen them photographed with an 'off the shoulder' look using a denim jacket... SO HERE I AM!
This is what I came up with..
Finally I managed to get 2/3 of us in the blogpost..
You have mainly seen me (Natalie) in the outfit posts so far however that will be changing as we have put set days aside for all three of us to blog!
(Francesca is with me in this post, wearing the white lace bodysuit).. Amanda to follow!

Hopefully we can show our personalities through our style!

Sometimes everyone needs to bring out their badass side in photos every once in a while!
I personally think this look is HOT without showing too much flesh!

(Natalie's Outfit)
OverSized Denim Jacket (bought mine a while back but similar here!)
Shorts - ZARA (can't find the link)

(Fran's Outfit)

Love hearing from you guys :)

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Who Is In Your Squad?

Girls holidays are so much fun! Especially when you all get involved and find a swimsuit that suits each individual. We found these SQUAD bikinis and we thought it would suit girls going on hen parties/girls holidays down to a treat! They would also be really cool for festivals with glitter and unique hair styles!
Accessorising is really important when trying to keep it simple, it makes a simple outfit go from a 6/10 to a solid 9/10 (the rest is down to your amazing personality)
We used FISHNET TIGHTS and CHOKERS to create a more stylish feel to this look!
I also really wanted to talk about what products I used to highlight my face as it really did glow and do wonders for my cheek bones!
The steps I used:
1. I applied BENEFIT BEAM HIGHLIGHTER to give that natural glow to my cheekbone (I always find putting a liquid highlighter down first always gives the best results before apply the final  highlighter.
2. Apply the SEVENTEEN SHIMMER BRICK - BRONZE (the lightest colour) over the Benefit Beam to achieve that stronger highlight. Many people ask me what I use and I can honestly say I don't use anything expensive, it's just works for me! I'm always looking for a better highlighter/shimmer so if you recommend any please let me know below! Lately I have found it hard to find this product In boots, so I'm hoping they haven't removed it as it's one of my favourite high-street products to use!


Nothing beats great looking healthy skin!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Feeling Slightly Edgy

Oh heyyyyyyy... Are you festival ready? I'm feeling more confident this year! Eminem is headlining at READING FESTIVAL... so majorly excited for that! 
With summer around the corner I wanted to show a more laid back style in this latest blog post.
I'm a massive fan of denim and it's one of my 'GO TO' items I pick up and wear daily in the spring/summer!
I love the wrap around the waist look and use it all year around!
So let's get to business..
The DENIM JACKET is slightly oversized however I don't really like it when they're fitted, the boyfriend look is my favourite and this is exactly what this jacket does.. I'm a size 6/8uk in some items, so don't feel afraid to go for a few sizes up (this is a size 10uk) I purchased.
NIRVANA TWO PIECE SET - The colours on this set are so pretty so I had no problem styling this, perfect for those upcoming summer days ahead! (white also looks amazing with a tan)
NUDE BOOTS- With this look, I wanted to keep it colourful and light, so these boots are perfect for this time of the year as sandals would just make my feet freeze!
Put that glow highlighter on and style your hair to suit this look!
I get most my inspiration from looking on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM, especially celebrity styles!
(We shall be doing Triplet posts soon!)

Wake up and be the best version of yourself everyday!

DENIM JACKET (I bought this a while back, but this is similar)

All comments are always appreciated, love hearing from you guys!!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Creating A Lighter Look For These Spring Nights Out!

Now that the sun is starting to come out and the days are getting brighter, I thought I would create a lighter look! (it also keeps you warm so it's a bonus for this time of the year)
This 'Frilly Bra' was the first item to catch my eye when looking through my wardrobe, with the mesh detail and frills around the edge it gives it a much girly feel!
The 'Clear Boots' give that YEEZY vibe which will be really popular in the summer time!
The 'Layered up choker' goes perfect with any V neck top, accessories are everything when creating an outfit!
I took two photos of the 'Lace Up Trousers' as I loved them too much, I also have them in black as I only ever really wear white trousers in the summer! I also prefer to wear black trousers most of the time.

Even though I love winter, summer is my favourite time of the year, so bring on the silky long hair and tanned body!

Outfit Links:

You can also get the trousers in black...

All comments are always appreciated!

Starting Our Blogger Journey!

Starting something new can be scary but when it comes to fashion it's where we feel most comfortable.
We decided 2017 would be the year to push ourselves and really give blogging a go!
It's really exciting to be able to share our lives with others that also share theirs!
We're hoping to make loads of new friends online and in person through doing something we love.
We're excited to learn new things along the way and to grow as time goes on!
With an online 'Fashion Marketing' background, we feel we are now ready to bring something new to the industry.
With being Identical triplets, we want to show our individual personalities through our Instagram and blog with the outfits we post daily.
Here is to exciting and new beginnings!