Thursday, 30 March 2017

Corporate world meets the Fashion World

Feeling the love for QUIZ clothing this week! We love collaborating with companies we have seen all over Instagram for years!
This week we went for more of a formal smart approach with blogging with a fashion twist!
With an all in one jumpsuit, mesh skirt and flared trousers.. we wanted to bring the corporate world into fashion! (as it can be very dull!)
When we used to work for companies and have to go out after work for drinks to socialize, We never knew what to wear but to also look professional.. so this is what this blog post is all about and to hopefully give you some Inspiration for your next 'after work' drinks!
Being the same age and doing everything together, we have our own styles and this is what's so good about blogging! Bringing out our own personal look and being different!

Who said you have to look boring when around work colleagues.. sass that look up and also be comfy in your own skin!

You can get these items from (click on link):

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  1. Hehe I also struggle with finding the balance point here and feel I'm becoming more the business person....
    xx finja |

    1. I know right! We don't like work wear.. it's never fashionable enough! xxx