Thursday, 16 March 2017

Who Is In Your Squad?

Girls holidays are so much fun! Especially when you all get involved and find a swimsuit that suits each individual. We found these SQUAD bikinis and we thought it would suit girls going on hen parties/girls holidays down to a treat! They would also be really cool for festivals with glitter and unique hair styles!
Accessorising is really important when trying to keep it simple, it makes a simple outfit go from a 6/10 to a solid 9/10 (the rest is down to your amazing personality)
We used FISHNET TIGHTS and CHOKERS to create a more stylish feel to this look!
I also really wanted to talk about what products I used to highlight my face as it really did glow and do wonders for my cheek bones!
The steps I used:
1. I applied BENEFIT BEAM HIGHLIGHTER to give that natural glow to my cheekbone (I always find putting a liquid highlighter down first always gives the best results before apply the final  highlighter.
2. Apply the SEVENTEEN SHIMMER BRICK - BRONZE (the lightest colour) over the Benefit Beam to achieve that stronger highlight. Many people ask me what I use and I can honestly say I don't use anything expensive, it's just works for me! I'm always looking for a better highlighter/shimmer so if you recommend any please let me know below! Lately I have found it hard to find this product In boots, so I'm hoping they haven't removed it as it's one of my favourite high-street products to use!


Nothing beats great looking healthy skin!

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