Monday, 20 March 2017

Kardashian Inspired

Oh Myyyyyy Gawdddd.. Like this has to be one of my favourite looks of 2017 that I have created on my blog.
Denim is a must in the spring/summer!
I wanted to create a Kardashian feel to this outfit as I've seen them photographed with an 'off the shoulder' look using a denim jacket... SO HERE I AM!
This is what I came up with..
Finally I managed to get 2/3 of us in the blogpost..
You have mainly seen me (Natalie) in the outfit posts so far however that will be changing as we have put set days aside for all three of us to blog!
(Francesca is with me in this post, wearing the white lace bodysuit).. Amanda to follow!

Hopefully we can show our personalities through our style!

Sometimes everyone needs to bring out their badass side in photos every once in a while!
I personally think this look is HOT without showing too much flesh!

(Natalie's Outfit)
OverSized Denim Jacket (bought mine a while back but similar here!)
Shorts - ZARA (can't find the link)

(Fran's Outfit)

Love hearing from you guys :)


  1. I love the monochrome hues, so pretty! You are so much more beautiful than the Kardashians! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara (P.S we should absolutely follow each other on bloglovin or instagram haha :D xx)

    1. Awww that's such a nice comment! Thank you so much :) Yes I shall follow you on both! Have a lovely day- shall look at your blog now! xxxx