Friday, 9 June 2017


I used to have a real problem with showing my feet as a teenager, I just hated feet all together. Then I realised I had to get over that problem that was stopping me from wearing nice shoes! (looking back at it now, it was just an insecurity I had because I'm so small and my feet looked so big when I had them out, even though I'm only a size 5uk) funny now I think about it.. embrace those boat feet ha
I love my fluffy sliders, they make you feel so chilled and girly at the same time!
I'm kicking back in these striped joggers and lace up top from Fashion Prescription
Honestly they are so comfy, could live in them!
Loungewear seems to be the 'must have' look at the moment (dressed up or down) So i'm taking full advantage of this trend until it dies!

I also did a video on our Instagram which you can view here

Thank you for all your lovely comments lately, it doesn't go to miss! Just glad we can inspire people with our outfit choices! This week we hosted the #BBLOGGERS chat on Twitter which was about VLOGGING and getting peoples opinions on it! Such lovely people who get involved in the chat!
It's every Wednesday and Sunday between 8-9pm, so get involved!

Outfit links here-
Lace up Bandeau
Fluffy sliders- Primark £6 (I also got them in grey)

Friday, 2 June 2017


Hey guyssss!!! For my next blog posts we wanted to create a more chilled back dressed up look.
I've seen the Kardashians really going for this look lately so I thought I would create my own outfit using joggers!
My sisters and I are looking at starting a Vlog on YouTube so that our personalities come through more and for everyone to get to know us a little better!
It's so hard to find a decent camera and to make sure we choose the correct one!
We prefer blogging when the sun is out as when it's cloudy the images come out so dark!
So you shall be seeing a lot more blog posts from us!
(I also did a video which you can find on our Instagram which was fun to put together of this outfit)

Check the video out on our Instagram by searching @CAIRNSTRIPLETSBLOG

Always love reading your comments! :)